MSC Toronto, Ontario Canada 8/18/19-8/19/19
MSC Toronto, Ontario Canada 8/18/19-8/19/19
MSC Toronto, Ontario Canada 8/18/19-8/19/19

MSC Toronto, Ontario Canada 8/18/19-8/19/19

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The Master Stylist Certification

Date:  8/18/19-8/19/19

Time: 9-5


Lisa Dinh Hair Studio

 651 Dupont St,

Toronto, ON M6G 1Z4, Canada

 Class Description:

This two day demo class focuses on business, marketing, color correction and how to be a 5 star stylist. Gina Bianca (The_Hair_Doctor) will share with you everything you need to know in order to be a six figure stylist in this day and age.


UPDATE***** Guest educator Olivia Smalley aka @omgartistry will be joining us at the end of day 1 for your social media class!

“Dubbed “The Social Queen”, Olivia Smalley will share her top secrets to success when it comes to all things social media.

At the start of the class, she will share exactly how she:
* Grew a presence online
* Created relationships with some of the top brands in the beauty industry.
* Will make adjustments to YOUR personal brand to help grow your clientele and career.”

Class will begin bright and early at 9AM Sunday morning. Refreshments will be served and we will dive into the step by step methods to improve your consultation skills. We will build a strong foundational approach to how to deliver results to your guests and keep them coming back for more. Next, we will discuss the ins and outs of pricing, formulas to use to determine yours and most importantly: what factors should be used to determine your pricing behind the chair! This segment of class will also help aspiring educators decided what their day rate should be, and how to charge per post on social media as an influencer. Next we will discuss how to have proper boundaries with your guest, how to say NO if necessary and how to balance your career and personal life yielding amazing happiness in both! Next is lunch, then we will dive into marketing and social media, content creation and modern marketing that will spark engagement and leave people waiting to see what you're going to be posting next. Most importantly, we will discuss how you can get people to trust your brand and book you! After a quick break, we will come back and discuss the driving factors to grow your business, and how to impact them in real life. Day 1 is a kick in the ass forward and will leave you feeling like your head is going to explode - but just wait for day 2!

Class will begin promptly at 9 AM where we will dive into how to approach color correction and transformation guests. Depending on a real life model, Gina will discuss consultation, pricing and go over time saving application tips to keep you running on time while creating beautiful work you and your guest will be proud of! Model 2, we will discuss putting depth back into the hair, color melting and formulation. After our color is on, we will break for lunch and come back to a toning, cutting and styling demonstration - followed by a brief photo lesson. Once the models are all set, Gina will walk you through posting effectively on Instagram, using information we learned on day 1. The whole class will come full circle and you will be excited to get back to work and implement what you have learned!

Finally, after class you will be given a 25 question quiz, and if you pass with 80% you will be issued a Master Stylist Certificate and granted access to use exclusive hashtags in your profile to attract new guests. We are building a strong network of stylists and are thrilled to be able to refer any MS Certified stylist new guests in your area. You will also receive a letter of recommendation, showing you completed an in depth class on how to be a badass stylist in this day and age!

This class is the catalyst to growth and we cant wait to help you achieve your goals!


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Seats are extremely limited and no tickets will be added to any event

Swag bags, class materials and refreshments will be served

You do not need to bring anything to class, just yourself and a notebook + pen

Refund Policy: As of 1/1/19 we will no longer be able to give refunds to any class purchased. Your ticket can be sold or transferred to another attendee or credited toward another class/product in our store. We are sorry for any inconvenience but due to the types of event these are we no longer are able to offer refunds. Thank you for your support and understanding.